Sunday, 11 December 2011

Welcome to my new Blog

HI, Im Jacob and I will be posting about the everyday life of show chickens, and Free Rang Egg Laying chickens. Im a exhibiter of Buff Orpingtons, and I keep Laying chickens as well. Like I said I will be posting the every day life of Show and Laying Chickens, for e.g The previous shows I have been to, I will be posting pictures of my chickens,the show results, broody chickens, building coops, etc. So I hope you enjoy my Blog. Here goes my First Blog entry about my Chickens 

Meet the Exhibition Chucks !
Hello, Im going to show you some pictures of my Show Buff Orpington's, they are from Showlines and their parents are from the top breeders over in England, Im going to start showing them again in January through till Spring. Anyway, Here are my Exhibition Buff Orpingtons-  I'll post the next entry next week! 
Until then, Bye!                                                       
ABOVE-This is Mr.Jones 
Mrs. Jones

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  1. Your girl is so round! Are they bantams? They look so small compared to mine :P

    Very nice looking chickens! I love seeing the BO's in the shape they are supposed to be.